kj52 can't rhyme mixtape 

hosted by blaze torch

mixed by dj sematic 


1. intro 

2. I'm ill freeverse


his ways are not my ways man 

salt of the earth so you know I can’t remain bland 

and I’m a proclaim his name fam 

till he picks up all the props than a stage hand

I’m so amazed I’m a changed man 

when I heard this beat start to play bam 

I rock back and forth in a way man 

that looked like dustin hoffman did in rain man  

my main plan you should know for certain 

is to touch on your mind like a brain surgeon 

and I know now that I’m not the same person 

he’s was me but he’s the lame version 

I stay searching and design my quotes 

so you can search through my words like a liner notes 

everytime I spoke I wanna rhyme w/ hope 

the word to describe it rhymes w/ cope 


3. I wanna rock freeverse 


The lights on mics on my song rhymes on 

With one single purpose to assure this will be right on 

My verses disburses to spotlight and shine on 

Jesus I’m worthless unless he’s just relied on 

And so we pump the crowd like a fight song 

till heads bob up and down like roller coaster ride ons 

And until the point where my times gone 

To embedded the text like blog that ya write on 

Im right on but you right off 

See me with 16 bars like Bernie madoff 

I made off  see every time I came off 

It keeps me striking like when a union gets laid off 

So lay off and recognize son 

Nobodies home and none of the lights on 

stop sleeping on it like the mattress you lies on 

He’s a lion what you gonna do when the times gone? 


4. Bring the goons out freeverse


I rock fitted jeans w/ a wallet chain 

so when you see me it might seem kind of strange 

like seeing mini me drive an all terrain

vehicle on the freeway next to kurt kobain

he reigns each day now for all the same 

he came just to save those who call the name 

I’m swimming upstream in a different lane 

I don’t mix well like Listerine w/ some Gatorade 

so today just show em now what you got 

and stand out like plaid pants w/ polka dots 

to let it show when we flow now who we rock 

so they don’t think holy hip hop is just Jesus walks 

I don’t mean to stop until you’re recognizing  

until you hear me now good like verizon 

I was veering off the path till I got alignment 

that got me off the wrath to my new assignment 



5. Bboy stance freeverse


Zim zim I aint go no keys to a beamer 

And neither will I cave just to follow the leader 

So im a take these dudes straight to the cleaners 

Before they breathless like a bout of emphysema 

I see ya that chain that you got now is so fake 

You probably using duct tape so it don’t break 

I see fiending right now to get the whole cake 

You’re whole life filled up w/ beef like a cheesesteak 

And while the church keeps on snoring 

preachers make a fortune  selling the anointing 

so I’m a keep recording 

Stay close to a mike like the last name was Jordan 

But how do how to handle this 

When the only cheese you got comes on ya sandwiches 

You simply trust God to always manage this 

While the rest can catch the collarteral damages 



6. Carry out freeverse 


I be kj to the 5 t 

Dub u double e z to the ie 

That’s who I be so whenever you find me 

I gotta show Him all the time like my ID 

The only one who gave me my peace 

And get the blood transfusion like an iv 

So I can show him off in High D

Efinition what I mention got me IRIE 

what I speak on the beat is for the cause of him

So stand up like the hair of kate gosselin 

He paid the cost of men for the cost of sin 

Its finished take the towels and toss em in

He was knocked out on Friday like Debo 

But came back to win it all like tim tebow 

We need to line up like a free throw

And sign up for the service like its Tivo 



7. Made ya look freeverse 


I spit it w/ hopes that they get it

but they dumber than that show w/ ray j in it

we take sin and think to play with it

but wind up broke down like my lame grey civic

I’m specific to stay way different

so I can take the game and put some change in it

highway to hell then change lanes get it?

we stuck in a rut content to stay in it

and then the cycle recycles

With no disciplne there is no disciples

A lot of missions trips but no revivals 

Are we missing it do we know our bibles

 we treating it like its lines full of typos 

living in a dead world with no signs and vitals 

I take aim like the scope of 10 rifle 

so you see the rock of love but it aint brett Michaels



8. Nothing on you freeverse 


Eh yo this beat is so grimy 

It feels like a monster creeping to find me

Creeping up while its sneaking behind me 

Trying to pound down like the speakers around me 

So if im speaking or rhyming 

Its guarunteed all of my speaking assignments 

gonna be on peace deep inside me

gonna be on how he seeked to find me 

It will be on how he took my eyelids 

Opened up now I’m freed from the violence 

Im rolling up but I’m Creeping in silence 

In the cut till I’m screaming like sirens 

Get it crunk let it bump when ya ride this 

Get em up let em come in to find this 

Breathe it in till it’s deep in ya sinus

And peak the speakers till they leak in the minus  



9. Logged on ft. Blaze torch


I’m walking in my mission like they hightops 

got one eye on my vision kind of like I’m Cyclops 

no time for sitting I’ll keep working till my time stops 

and I’m a stay in up living in my position until I sign off 

let the rhyme off no time off 

cause the bride of Christ is living life like it’s wife swap 

the world enticing us and we kind of like why not?

but once I reached the mountain top I aint never climbed off 

My thoughts I display em like a poster 

So take ya cups and hold em up just like a coaster 

I wanna bear fruit on everything kind of like ya grocer

Until its knocked out the park sammy sosa  

Lord draw me closer like I’m supposed to 

Until I’m living right at ya side kind of like a holster 

I wanna bring the heat like the wires inside ya toaster 

Until you calling me home and my time is over 


10. Forever freeverse 


now I plan just to stand bold 

even if I’m treated like a leper w/ a bad cold 

grab hold of the truth that I stand on 

even if flies over ya head like the fans on

I planned on one thing that I’m gone see 

a return of the king like its Lord of the rings 

and when he comes back you can believe you me 

he won’t look like that face on ya Jesus piece (8)

he supreme so forth so on 

but you treat him more like cologne that you throw on 

cause once he’s worn off you proceed to roll on 

that’s why it’s a narrow road that we go on 

we claim that we do no wrong 

so go deep like on a pass routes that go long 

so hold on lest you gets thrown off 

and watch us drop joints like body parts blown off 



11. Braveheart freeverse ft. Goldinchild

12. Simplenfresh freeverse ft. Goldinchild 

13. Outro


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