READ: Mark 9:14-32 THINK: The Bible talks a lot about faith—how much God values it, how much we need it, and how much it can accomplish if directed properly. Yet, as frail humans, we often struggle with doubts about what God wants to do in and through us. Thankfully, the Lord is patient and willing to help us grow in faith and to work through issues and questions that could keep us from experiencing all that God intends. But as we wrestle with our own inadequacies, reservations and limitations, we must separate these issues from our confidence in God’s capability. Though we may sometimes wonder if God will do certain things, we should not question the fact that He can do whatever He desires and whatever is needed in any situation. RESPOND: Why did Jesus repeat the man’s statement, “...if you can...,” back to him in the form of a question (v. 23)? What responsibility does Jesus put on us in order to see miracles? When Jesus says, “Everything is possible for him who believes,” what responsibility does the believer have? (See 9:23 note.) In what ways can Jesus still work with our faith, even though it may be weak or mixed with questions? (See 9:24 note.) In regard to faith, what’s the difference between doubting ourselves and doubting God? What did Jesus mean when He told the disciple, “This kind (of demon) can come out only by prayer”? (See 9:29 note.) What kind of prayer was Jesus talking about? (See article on Effective Praying, p. 446.) PRAY: Ask Jesus to help you grow in faith, and though you may struggle with doubts about yourself, pray that you will not question His ability. Ask Him to help you become more disciplined and diligent in your prayer life, and to help keep your desires in line with His so that your faith is focused on the right things. ACT: Think of a situation in which you’ve struggled with doubt or a lack of faith. Demonstrate full confidence in God by taking some sort of practical action step to show that you’ve given the situation completely to Him.
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here is the audio portion of a "buggy" issue plagued video podcast @ ... God bless... kj
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